Thursday, December 8, 2016

An open letter to Citizens and the Electoral College

I will to the best of my ability, be brief.  I do not claim that I will name every reason, nor counter every argument, but I would like to put forth an idea for us to consider as a nation. 

In my thinking, we who voted have a duty to let the Electoral College representatives know that we expect more from them than simply to cast a vote and congratulate themselves for 'showing up'.  The fortunate centuries of successful democracy have allowed a vital part of our government to gather dust and to be forgotten by the populace until they periodically stumble over it.  The Electoral College is largely misunderstood or only partially understood by the 'man on the street'.  But, at this moment in time, when our democracy has been colluded against and evidence continues to mount that chicanery was involved in the election the unknown and little understood Electoral College may be our salvation.