Thursday, September 17, 2015

What time is it? When fear rules

Theatre Obraztsov I am a geek. I have let my geek flag fly for decades now. I have been a geek of many colors and a geek of many lands. I have even been a professional geek - think computers, not circus here. And never have I thought of myself as dangerous. I consider myself curious and yes, sometimes that has led to some awkward questions. "Dearest, why is there beeswax melted on the ceiling?" "This isn't pasta. Is it?" "What happened to Bo?"
But never have I felt that my curiosity would lead me into trouble with the law. Ok there was that one little experiment with medieval nitric acid, but it was all cool. Curiosity, the attempt to make something better, to invent a better mousetrap founded this nation. If a bunch of people getting into a tiny boat and crossing the ocean isn't a leap into the unknown I have no idea what is.
Some will say the initial influx of settlers was all about faith, but they're forgetting the Vikings. If there wasn't the willingness to try new things, to experiment, to learn we, that would be the Europeans, wouldn't be here now. And this nation is, or used to be, all about trying something new. New lives. New technologies. New ideas.
And now, in a place where we should be opening those minds, instead there is fear and astounding ignorance. Add to that the backside-covering and the victim blaming, are you kidding me, victim blaming a kid for being curious? This is the product of the school being a monument to standardized testing and group think.
My mind just boggles. Where is common sense? Where is the one responsible adult who stood up and said, "This is insanity?" I could go on about racial profiling, court cases to come, civil liberties and general ignorance. But, I'm not going to go there, today.
What I'm going to close with is this.
Ahmed, today you have seen some of the worst of America and I hope some of the best. You are curious and the world needs curious. And we need courageous people, too. Keep tinkering, keep learning and let that curiosity blossom.

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