Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Yes, I'm Afraid of Twitter

Twitter scares the ever loving bejeezzus out of me.  And I can't think of a better TED talk than this one to demonstrate why that is so.

When Online Shaming Spirals Out of Control.

And yet, writers seem almost compelled to put up a social media presence.  From my admittedly very early days in this pool, it seems like it is impossible to get a writing job, or published in any forum unless you have that on-line presence.  And for someone who is, well, me... that's just a terrifying concept.  Not because I'm a terrible person, but just because I am a person.  I say stupid things.

Within me there is an almost equal mixture of sage and silly and "oh, my goodness. Please tell me that wasn't the outside voice."

And seriously, the idea that I could somehow, through error or bad timing or just who-knows-what, be the focus of millions of peoples hate is just terrifying.  And some of those people, they just lurk out there and wait for people to screw up.  They are like the crocodiles at the bottom of the cliff.  Bad enough you should fall off a cliff, hit the rocks below, then drown in the river, but now you have crocodiles tearing you literally to pieces.

It seriously makes me think that I shouldn't even touch the Twitterverse.

How much do I want my goal?

Monday, July 27, 2015


I have spent 50 years doing as I have been told, as I have been advised, as seemed best by the masses. It has brought me a living but one washed in doubt, grayness, and despair. No longer. I will write my own story, and if I fail I will do so with my spirit in tact, instead of surviving in dreary mediocrity for someone else's dream.

It's not often I have something burst into my mind fully formed.  But this thought, once tangled up with so many others, broke free from the pack today.  It was a moment where I stopped what I was doing. It was a full stop.  My hands dropped, the sheet drifted to the floor, the dog started from beneath the sheet, and my world tilted, it was that kind of stop.  

As many of you might surmise, I'm trying something very new for myself.  I've finally given myself permission to follow my dream of being a writer.  Win or lose, fly or fail, I am allowed to pursue this for myself.  Not for my family, not for my father, not to fulfill expectations that my brother couldn't shoulder, but to define my self by myself.  

I would love to insert something witty or humorous about being a late bloomer right about now.  But, I'm determined not to look backwards at all the 'wasted' time, because as a writer, I call it fodder.  So here is the thought...  

Gardens use manure to bloom.  
by xedos4 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The best laid plans

Well, that's not what I was planning to do this week.  Ever have one of those weeks where all plans hit reality and go "POOF"?  That was my week.   So the website is still almost a zygote, post two is this note to prove that I have not fallen off the face of the planet, and post three has a draft but not much else. 

But I have found the one theme that I will be talking about for this blog - Here's a clue. 

Photo by by Jeroen van Oostrom

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Oh Portland, Dildo City, USA.

From @Cody_Perez  #KeepPortlandWeird 
The Huffington Post, UK, reports that Portland power lines are sporting something new today.

Go ahead, take a look.  (Sorry, not meaning to pun there.  Oh, what the Hell.) 

Portland you are one of my favorite towns for "I don't give a fuck" behavior.  (Another pun.  I don't know if I can get through this with a straight face).   But, yes.   Portland.  You are the town of "We do our own thing and if you can't take it, we really don't care."  I love that attitude.   

Parts of New Jersey have that attitude as well, but there it usually involves driving or parking.   But I digress, back to the West Coast.  

Now my question is, who's brain child was this?  One of the many things that we as Americans often put a puritanical straight jacket on is adult sexuality.   Even when things are right, we tend to emphasize the 'what could go wrong'.  It's fun to see someone having a little harmless fun.  Maybe, just maybe it will create a couple of teachable moments.

So today all our little latex hats are off to Portland.  #KeepPortlandWeird